Which career is better: a data scientist or an artificial intelligence engineer? ! JIET DAT blogs

Which career is better: a data scientist or an artificial intelligence engineer? ! JIET DAT blogs

It is a fact; Data Science works by using Artificial Intelligence in its processes or operations, which means, Data Science does not make it entirely dependent on AI. It is used to transform the data that is further used for analysis and visualization. AI and data science have the ability to give companies an edge in marketing. They offer insights into how to market, who to market to, when and where to market, and why to market. These insights can help in formulating effective and efficient marketing strategies. Moreover, efficient marketing creates touch points for customer and brand interactions at the right place, at the right time, and with the right message. Critical thinking is a way of thinking in a rational and organized manner about an idea or a situation.

Both these areas have a greater scope in future in terms of education and placement as well. Support and guidance for all the students in meeting their career goals through Company Internships, Mentoring for higher studies, Industry Job Placements, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities, etc. Mutually-beneficial programmes in collaboration with industries, and individuals of national and international repute.

data science vs artificial intelligence which is better

Moreover, data science and artificial intelligence are two different terms that can be interrelated to complete work, but it does not replace each other entirely. Moreover, a data scientist is well aware of the different trends and patterns used in data science. Fact, there are many steps and processes included in data science that is needed to learn and practice before becoming a data science specialist. Companies can use data science tools and techniques to analyze past performances and make inferences about the future. Further, these tools can help in tracking the risks that can affect the organization. Data science can build complex models for extracting insights using data science. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can build models that emulate human cognition and understanding.


It is less focused on specific answers and more on a search for the right questions to ask, which the data can answer. This is because data analysis and insight generation in data science need several phases. However, both Artificial Intelligence vs Data science have different functions and used, So, deciding between AI and data science can be tricky. To assist robots in identifying patterns and inferences, AI specialists turn to natural language processing and deep learning. While machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science are related and belong to the same field, they each have unique… Though it does not entirely differs from other Engineering courses, they focus more on developing analytical skills and understanding complex patterns in data. The Cryptography in B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science typically covers encryption algorithms, decryption techniques, digital signatures, and key management.

Computer Scientists deal with data all the time and often are required to access, clean, and transform data. This is where data science gets involved in the field of computer science. One must discuss how the involvement of computer science in the field of data science has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, their interdependence has led to discussing the benefits and disadvantages such involvement poses. In contrast, computer science professionals need to have a working knowledge of data structures and other basics of data.

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You’ll also have to clean and optimize the data so it generates accurate results. To understand data quality and perform ETL processes, computer scientists look at the field of data science for effective solutions. Data Science is an amalgamation of multiple fields, such as statistics, programming, mathematics, reporting, business decision-making, etc. In countries like India, there is a high saturation of computer science professionals. All these eventually lead to data scientists and other professionals in this field needed to focus on its business aspects. Spending less and less time on gaining business knowledge and getting involved in the business application aspect of the field. As sophisticated and complex ETL operations can be performed using in-depth programming, data scientists can go the extra mile when analyzing.

It monitors developments, recognition, and achievements made by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics companies across the globe. The course also emphasises practical applications of geometric modelling in fields such as computer graphics, animation, and engineering design. Upon completion of the program, the program’s strong industry connections provide students with access to job opportunities and networking that can help propel their careers forward. Our highly experienced and well-qualified faculty lead the program with a holistic education that prepares students for successful careers in AI and data science.

Companies are sitting over a mine of data and converting them into an actionable solution. The need for a skilled and talented data scientist increases with each passing day. Suppose you want to develop a long-term career in data science; here are some prerequisites you need to consider. Now https://eastwestedu.org.in/ that you are aware of the future of data science and AI systems, we will look at how to develop a successful career in the respective fields. Due to the increasing digitisation and the wide application of data science, industries are in dire need of experienced data science professionals.

Data Science & Analytics

We have a clear idea about what Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is all about. For years, Artificial intelligence has been considered as a joke and a commonly used “storyline” in Sci-fi movies. The moment we speak of AI all we remember is “Arnold Schwarzenegger” the so-called Robot from the future is fighting with his machine gun to protect John Connor. This shows that AI has ruled the film industry for years and has bought so much excitement in our minds however only the recent years, have proved to be lucky for its entry in the actual Tech industry. Though its entry was a little late, we can feel its ubiquitous presence now. Here is the list of top 10 in-demand career paths in AI and Data Science.

Store the information and data of customers; data science becomes this task easier, swift, and accurate. It is also helping the banks to know about the purchase history, mode of communication, mobile phone usage, along with learning about the transactions done through debit or credit cards. In the e-commerce and retail industry, there is a need for data analysis at the highest level. All is possible by analyzing the client’s profile’s to influence them for more. Emeritus brings you the latest learning trends, in-demand skills, and research across the most sought-after professions. After pursuing AI & ML, you can be a software engineer or a software developer.

All the three fields we have been talking about are different from each other based on their applications but all of them are connected through DATA. It is important to know how these three fields work together to understand what we are going to discuss further in this blog. A big data engineer designs and implements large-scale data processing systems using technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. They need to have strong programming skills and knowledge of distributed computing.

Today, AI is used in almost every industry, from automotive manufacturing to private and public banks, healthcare, power and steel, telecom and e-commerce. While machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science are related and belong to the same field, they each have unique definitions and uses. Although these fields may occasionally have similarities, each has its own applications. Artificial intelligence requires a very high degree of scientific processing compared to data science. A data science project goes through a data science pipeline involving steps from data ingestion to the communication of insights. Whereas artificial intelligence involves complex processes of feeding model objects to generate the desired output. This course covers the fundamental principles of data science, the process of ethically collecting, designing, analyzing, visualizing, and ultimately monetizing data.

AI and data science professionals must think critically to be capable of solving complex problems using data and algorithms. Almost all AI and data science machines use mathematical or statistical formulas for analyzing and interpreting data. Therefore, aspiring data science and AI professionals must have a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, including calculus, linear algebra, and probability. Almost all modern applications use AI and data science to make predictions, analyze large data sets, and more. Here’s a list of applications using artificial intelligence and data science. In summary, AI is focused on building intelligent systems, while data science focuses on extracting insights from data. Hone technical and soft skills like database management, coding languages basics, analytical tools, communication skills, data intuition, and strong business acumen.

However, the scope of the subject doesn’t limit a data scientist’s knowledge to the above-said areas. He is supposed to have knowledge of different concepts and technologies, including machine learning and AI. Data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are all related areas. Whereas ai technology is a broad collective term that includes a multitude of uses, right from text processing to robotics, machine learning belongs to the category of artificial intelligence. Machine Learning is known to be a supervised version created by the combination of data science and artificial intelligence.