Java Developer Salaries: How Much Can You Earn?

Java Developer Salaries: How Much Can You Earn?

As more companies start to use Java for data and enterprise applications, the following skills will be in higher demand — and also command higher salaries. Though Java developers are well compensated, how do their salaries stack up against other types of developers? Let’s compare side-by-side with figures from, which reports an average full-stack Java developer salary of $106K. Another important role of a senior developer is mentoring trainees, interns, and junior developers.

A high salary in a city with a steep cost of living might not stretch as far as a lower salary in a more affordable area. For example, earning $120,000 per year in San Francisco may seem like a king’s ransom, but when you factor in the sky-high housing costs, it might leave you feeling more like a pauper. Acquiring relevant certifications can be like unearthing hidden gems that add sparkle to your resume and help you command a higher salary. Certifications such as Oracle Certified Java Programmer and Oracle Certified Master show potential employers that you’re a dedicated professional with the skills and knowledge to back it up.

City Wise Salaries for a Java Developer

Expanding your programming repertoire can make you more valuable to employers, and in turn, fatten your wallet. Consider learning languages like Python, JavaScript, or Scala to broaden your horizons and create a more robust foundation for your career. So, you’ve set your sights on a higher Java developer salary, and you’re ready to climb the ladder of financial success. Well, strap on your metaphorical climbing gear and prepare for a rewarding ascent!

Salaries for Java Developers

Java development requires a strong understanding of basic programming principles combined with Java-specific syntax and technology. As we’ll see later, developers can have many responsibilities — and no two jobs are exactly the same. Where an application might have user-facing dashboards and interfaces (the frontend), the backend uses Java (or some other programming language) to provide its core functions. Here are some of the major applications a Java developer will typically work on. In the end, understanding how region and experience shape Java developer salaries is crucial to charting a course toward your ideal career destination. By using this information, you can make informed decisions and set your sights on the most rewarding ports of call.

How much does a java developer make?

Java is an object-oriented programming language used for developing cross-platform apps and websites. It was first released in 1995 yet still remains one of the most popular programming languages more than 20 years later, especially for client-server web applications. A recent report by Indeed states that the entry level Java developer salary in the United States is USD 72,761. On the other hand, an experienced Java developer in the country earns USD 121,519 annually. A fantastic combination of quality and cost-efficiency in hiring Ukrainian developers is not a myth.

Salaries for Java Developers

Hence, you must always remember this point while searching for your first or next Java developer job. Entry-level Java Developers, those with 1-3 years of experience, earn an average of $72,530 per year, according to Indeed. Developers with this range of experience may have recently graduated from college, wrapped up an internship, or have a year or two of experience at another position. The average Senior Java Developer, which is usually a minimum of 5 years of experience, makes $122,224, according to Indeed. In Australia developers with React.js skills earn on average AU$79,000 and national maximum is AU$150,000.

Scala Developer Rates in the Us, Europe and Australia

In countries like Germany, Java is the second most popular programming language, according to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index. According to the TIOBE index, Java has consistently been one of the top programming languages for the past two decades. You can increase your Java developer salary by earning latest certifications and acquiring Java skills required by the top companies across the globe.

  • The software developers salary in other countries also varies to a significant extent.
  • This can vary depending on education and experience levels, as well as upon industry.
  • If you know SQL, the query language for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data in databases, that’s also a big plus.
  • This information may give a hint to workers as to where to seek better-paying jobs, while businesses looking to hire tech specialists may understand where to search for talent.
  • Python remains a popular, demanded programming language that offers a decent software developer salary to those specializing in it.

With 20+ yrs of industry experience in media, entertainment and web tech, Sachin brings expertise in hands-on training and developing forward-thinking, industry-centric curricula. As a matter of course, executives and executives have higher bonus rates and frequency than juniors. This is very predictable due to the inherent responsibility higher up in the hierarchy. A top-level individual can more easily receive double or triple the bonus percentage than an individual at the bottom of the pyramid. As a developer, there are many benefits in addition to the salaries of Java programmers in the US. Each company has its own advantages, but here are some common benefits she enjoys as a Java developer in an IT company.

Common Health Benefits for a Java Developer

Though Dice is arguably the best job board for tech jobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed also aggregate most job listings. If you use LinkedIn, be sure to complete your profile to showcase your projects and tell prospective employers that you’re looking for work. Java developers enjoy a very high demand — and it’s not too hard to find a good job with the right skills and experience.

Salaries for Java Developers

If you need developers with many years of experience then they will cost more to hire, and this will obviously have an impact on your budget. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software — that helps organize customer data, sales, and forecasting all in one place. In 2018 Salesforce was also named the No. 1 CRM provider worldwide for the fifth consecutive year by International Data Corporation. Over the years, the technology grew in demand and the demand for experts grew, too.

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As for the full-stack developer, here you can also save over four times as compared to a U.S. employee, over two times as compared to a British employee, and three times as compared to an Israeli employee. Even for this labor-intensive and responsible work, Ukrainian developers charge $25,000 per year on average, so you may have an absolutely great deal for your project. The demand for experts in Scala is much higher than the supply, that’s why these are among the developers that are the most likely to get invited to a job interview. Scala is a general-purpose, functional, and object-oriented language compatible with Java, another super-popular technology. According to Payscale salary comparison, the highest paid software engineer country in Europe is Switzerland — $95,000, Denmark — $71,000, and Norway — $70,000 per year.

Thus, we should not expect any significant fluctuations in demand and pay rates for .NET jobs in the coming couple of years. PHP is the leading language of web development, which explains its steady popularity and demand for PHP programmer worldwide. Stack Overflow experts noticed the rise of PHP use and popularity in the past couple of years, so the salaries for PHP development are projected to remain the same in the analyzed countries. Moreover, according to the Stack Overflow analysis, the popularity of Python worldwide is growing, making it the fifth popular programming language in 2018.